meet Heather Barkis.

South West Florida Wedding Photographer

I love everything weddings and babies! I am obsessed with the outdoors and sleeping in on Sunday. I am passionate about my company and my work. I strive to provide every client with the experience that I would want as a bride. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. I am there to document it as beautifully as possible without disrupting the organic flow of the day. 

I started my journey as a wedding photographer about 4 years ago and have grown monumentally into the photographer that I am today. I specialize in weddings and newborn photography. I have traveled as far as California for work, and would not hesitate to go further! I love meeting new people and exploring new cities. This career is an open door to a world full of possibilities and I have only just begun! I have already met some of the most amazing families from all over the world. I feel truly blessed and honored every time I get the oppurtunity to sign a new client. It is a privilege to document such important times in ones life.